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There’s been a major explosion of home entertainment options in the last few decades, especially in the last twenty years or so.  Even with the incorporation rates of items that most of us remember, like the humble VCR, no electronic gadget has had a faster, deeper adoption rate in the average home than the DVD player.  This device went from being a luxury item to being a staple in living rooms across the country in a very short number of years, and now it is possible to not just be entertained or even be educated, but to take piano lessons on DVD.  A quick search in just about any general purpose internet search engine or well known shopping site will tell you that there are a large number of options available to choose from when it comes to putting your DVD player to work so you can learn to play the piano.piano lessons

You can find good results in a search for piano lessons on DVD by going to your favorite online books, music and DVD's retailer.  The large outlets have any number of piano lessons DVD's that you can peruse and you can even read reviews.  One of the advantage of the DVD format is that the content is subdivided into chapters that the viewer can go to directly, making it ideal not just for scenes in a movie, but also for instructional purposes, allowing a student to go directly to specific lessons.  Many types of instructional DVD's take full advantage of this feature, and many piano lessons on DVD are no different.  Many of these DVD's allow the viewer to jump to specific lessons or techniques that are being taught. This reinforces the opportunity to practice a single lesson many times in order to master the material without needing to search back through the entire recording to find the information that you are looking for. You can also conveniently skip around to suit the needs of your particular practice session and learning interests.

Another great feature of piano lesson DVD's is that the student is not tied down to general material only.  There are DVD's available for learning specific genres and styles of music on the instrument, such as jazz, blues, or classical techniques.  There are also specific DVD's for targeted age ranges of students, from quite young to adult.  Within even these specific categories, there are lesson DVD's for narrow age ranges of prospective students, so that a primary school aged beginner isn’t forced to sit through lessons specifically tailored to a general audience, for example.  With this sort of individualized instruction, this is where the strengths of this medium can really shine through.  Using a portable DVD player, the student can also take the lessons right to the instrument for the ultimate in convenience and ease of learning. Imagine sitting at your piano and being able to play right along with the DVD as though the person speaking is your private instructor sitting with you in your home as you work. A DVD can be the perfect alternative to lessons that may not be able to be worked into your budget. Piano lessons DVD's can be purchased used, and can be reviewed again and again with no ongoing cost, as there would be with weekly private lessons.

When you sit down to practice with a DVD, it may be helpful to have a pen or pencil and some paper available to take notes, and to record what sections of the lessons you cover in that practice session. Find a way to position your keyboard so that you can see both the piano keyboard and the DVD at the same time.

Many of these DVD's also include more than just on screen materials.  The vast majority have other associated content that becomes available either when the DVD is inserted into a computer, or from an associated web site, such as printable lesson materials, and other additional tips and updates to the DVD.  The affordability and convenience of receiving instruction in this format is also excellent, with most of these kinds of DVD's costing under twenty dollars U.S., depending on the size and breadth of the instruction being offered.  Either as a primary form of piano instruction, or as a targeted adjunct to a student’s traditional lessons, availing yourself of piano lessons on DVD can be a very good option, depending on your needs and budget. If you are considering taking piano lessons to learn how to play the piano, consider using a piano lessons DVD, and if you practice and stay committed to learning to play, you will find yourself seeing results quickly.

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